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Mars Exploration Program
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Join us on the Journey to Mars as we explore with robots and send humans there one day. Download a Mars poster that speaks to you.
Mars: Viking's 40th Anniversary Artwork
Mars Quick Facts
Mars Map: Explore Mars, its canyon lands and volcanoes and the rover landing sites!
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What's New?
Curiosity Mission Update: Drill No Go - time for Plan B!
NASA's Mars 2020 Gets a Dose of Space Here on Earth
NASA's Mars 2020 spacecraft has completed tests that are the best Earthly approximations of what the spacecraft will endure during launch and interplanetary cruise. Read More >>
NASA Invites Public to Submit Names to Fly with Mars 2020
From now till Sept. 30, the public can submit names to be etched on microchips that will fly on the Mars 2020 rover and receive a souvenir boarding pass. Read More > Sign Up Now >
MRO Completes 60,000 Trips Around Mars
The orbiting spacecraft is also about to set a record for data relayed from the Martian surface. Read More >>
Fly over Mount Sharp on Mars
A new animation shows the region NASA's Curiosity rover is currently exploring and where its team wants to go in the future. Read More >>
Recent Videos
InSight Landing on Mars
Rob Manning explains the critical steps that must happen in perfect sequence for InSight to land safely on the surface of Mars. Watch Video >>
Testing a Parachute for Mars
On Sept. 7 NASA?s ASPIRE project broke a record when its rocket-launched parachute deployed in 4-10ths of a second - the fastest inflation of this size chute in history. Watch Video >>
Crazy Engineering: Space Claw
When NASA's InSight lands on Mars, it will be the first mission on another planet to use a robotic arm to grasp instruments and place them on the surface. Watch Video >>
How Do You Choose a Landing Site?
Where are the Spacecraft?
Where is the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter?
View the simulated views and computer generated images of where Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter is now. More >>
Where is Curiosity?
See a map of Curiosity's current location ?
Where are the Rovers?
Opportunity has reached Endeavour crater where it will spend time studying rocks never seen before. After a successful six-year mission, Spirit's mission has officially concluded. See the latest location maps  and  status reports.
Be A Mars Maker
Print your own 3D model of a Mars meteorite! Download Print File >> Mars Makers Home >> News Feature >>
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Mars in The Palm of Your Hands
Tune in with Mars on the go.Download the Be A Martian App, on your Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and Tablets! More >>
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Have you ever wondered why Mars is red?
Or, how big is the Mars Science Laboratory rover? Ask NASA Mars your questions. Ask a Question >>